Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Made my way over to the horn yesterday, got the chance to go our and fish for a couple of hours all by lonesome. No boat, no camera, just fishing. Fish were eating well and it as beautiful afternoon all alone at 3-mile. Fished a bunch of different bugs and got fish on everything so I think that they were just eating pretty well. The river is off color and pretty weedy, but it's fishing well and there are a lot less people around here than many other places right now.

Guided today and found plenty of fish on the eat between 3 Mile and Bighorn. The wade fishing in the riffles is really good right now, the boat fishing was so/so. Got fish on worms, sowbugs, and some little bug I picked up at the Bighorn Trout shop. Some little tan pseudo nymph that they ate real well later in the day. Things slowed down around 5 or so, but other that, it was pretty good so long as we could keep the flies clean.

What did I learn today? Fishing is better than golf. 3 AB's is a lot of weight. I am dependent on my cell phone. The Bighorn is a pretty good place to be right now.

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