Friday, October 14, 2011

What would I do?

I'm lamenting the fact that I can't go and fish the next few days and feel like I've been tied down to the desk for far too long already. That cortisone shot was magical and now I want to go throw a line...pain free. But, Christine is out of town foe the weekend and I'm on daddy daycare duty X 2. My life is so one knows my pain! O.k. I'm's pretty good.

Been ordering bugs like crazy the last couple of days. Found some pretty cool new patterns that should be very solid in the bins next year. We rearranged our bass/pike/saltwater/steelhead/salmon stuff which had the added benefit of freeing up a whole lot of bin space so I've been pecking away, trying to find some weaknesses in our selection and adding to it more. I'm a long way from being done, but I did wrap up the biggest of the orders today so that is one less thing to worry about.

So, I've got some family time coming my way this weekend with the boys. Getting some stuff organized for the horn next week. Looking for weedless worms mostly.

If I was fishing this weekend where would I go? Early rise and go fight the crowds on the Madison in YNP would be first option. Wade fish around Varney. Bucket bounce on the lower. Swing junk below Big Timber. All good full day options. If I only had a couple hours to kill...probably a couple holes on the lower would be the first choice but the EG has been fishing well and that would probably win out in the end. Actually, come to think of it...I'd go throw streamers on the Jeff up around Twin Bridges.


rimcTX said...

Try waiting a year between Montana fishing trips. It might explain why I get so excited about a nice rainbow.

Toby Swank said...

Yeah yeah, I here you. But no excuses now...that should be an everyday encounter.