Friday, October 07, 2011


Another day of fall has come and gone. A fresh dusting of snow in the mountains and the need for gloves and a hat were welcome reminders that the so called Indian Summer is over. All good things must come to an end and it was great to get some decent fish today to eat bugs that they ought to be eating this time of year. Things seemed more familiar the last couple of days than the last few weeks.

Fished the "black ops" section of the Madison today. How gay does that sound? One of the guys yesterday got a text from a guy that was fishing the "black ops" section of the Beaverhead yesterday. Cracked me up and sent me off on a bit of a head tangent last night. I was wondering how long I could go before calling something the "black ops" section of a river...made it a day.

Anyway, had a good day today with a pretty steady bite on the upper Madison. Fish were eating stoneflies and pink flies. Something seems to have finally switched on as we saw some browns with good colors and got a dozen fish or so in the 16-19" range.

On a non-angling note and lesson for the day...I learned about black cats and cardinals today. BAM doesn't necessarily mean bam. Neoprene waist high waders can be sexy. Teal is still a fashionable color. Gink turns orange after 6 years of sitting in a closet. The Dead made zingers at one point. Duct tape does not work well in rain and is absolutely worthless when it comes to trying to repair a winston. Great day with a good dude.

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