Thursday, October 06, 2011


Down over there today, found some fish on the eat but mostly smaller fish. Wind picked up in the afternoon and made for a tough go later in the day. All in all, good day though. Feels like fall is here, supposed to get some snow in the mountains tonight.

Upper tomorrow. Feeling optimistic? Hardly. Hopeful? Always.

Guys I fished with today just came over from someplace else in the state. Had some good talking about how they do things over there and the "I'm pretty cool because I'm a fishing guide" thing is to be found other places as well.  The egos in this business/lifestyle can be a little overwhelming, even embarrassing to watch at times. I'm as guilty as the next when it comes to talking egos, but come on dude...we're just some fishing guides trying to teach folks a thing or two and catch some fish.

One thing I've learned is that I really am not as important as I think I am. The world isn't going to end if the fish don't bite and I'm not the one that makes them bite. There's a whole lot of room in the middle of those two ends of the spectrum, plenty for me to stay in the middle.

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