Friday, October 21, 2011

The End My Friend

Last trip today. Where did it all go? Is it really already almost November? Seems like just yesterday I was driving around BFE looking for some clean water and hoping for hoppers. Ok, no it really doesn't. It's been a long season and I'm looking forward to not rowing a boat for awhile. Looking forward to doing some fishing, photo taking, family time and shop time. Any trips I do the rest of the year will hopefully be from foot and not for a few weeks.

Was a great day to end the season though with one of my longest "tenured" clients on one of my favorite stretches of river around here. The bite was so/so but we landed one really nice fish, lost some good ones, got some ok ones and some dinks too. Swung some streamers with little love but the nymphing kept it interesting and gave us a enough of a tug to make it good day overall. Yeah the fishing was ok, but the day was great and made for a great way to wrap things up.

Start packing and sorting crap tomorrow, heading to BC on Monday morning.

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