Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Work

In Canmore this morning as we work our way to the holy water of NW BC. Heading up with the Drainer and another dude, and then meeting some other folks later in the week. I think we are aiming for somewhere around Smithers, but as I am only driving...I have no idea where we are actually going. A map probably would have been useful.

Anyway, picked knucklehead up in Craig yesterday and we finally hit the road around 1:30, made it here around 10:00 last night and we have 12-14 hr day ahead of us. Probably much longer as I hope to get some photos along the way. The drive was fine other than the fact that I'm towing a little red jetboat that wobbles at about 72mph, so it's slow going. We were planning on getting to Banff but we ran into some ice on the roads last night so decided to get off the road before we wrecked as I was distracted listening to the Rangers game.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing some new country today and the drive ahead. Fishing trips are always kind of fun. Unfortunately for me...it's all work.

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