Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pink Boat is Here

Another Sunday come and gone on the upper Madison. Lyons - Pal, 20 boats, 15-25 mph wind, good anglers, 3 fish. Awesome.  Fished little bugs, bug bugs, sculpins, even threw some dries. It just wasn't right today and I don't know why. Some days you're the hammer, some day you're the nail.

October is breast cancer awareness month and I have the Pink Boat for the week. Was thinking about trying to raise some money through some sort of trout pledge but after today...I'm probably doing more harm than good. It's a much bigger and heavier boat than I'm used to so I won't be taking it back out unless the wind settles...So, hopefully later in the week will do the trick.

We raised something like $2500-$3000 in the Pink Boat just a few days. All the money we raise with the boat goes directly to the Susan G. Komen foundation of MT and is all used to fight breast cancer. It's an insidious disease that has impacted my life directly through the loss of Carol Foreman, my mother in-law.  I know it's affected lots of folks that read this and that I have the pleasure of fishing with during the year as well. So, keep it in mind as I'll be throwing a pitch out to you all in the next day or two and ask that you please join me in donating to the cause..."throw some dough...and I'll row!" It's late, I'm tired and that's the best I got tonight!

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