Monday, October 03, 2011

Better Day

Very different day today than yesterday....thank God! The bite was good for most of the day, nothing huge but a dozen or so 12-16" and another 10 or so smaller. Didn't have to work it too hard either. Had some wind, but everything was good in the end.

Around 3 or so I went to my happy spot where I can hardly believe that I actually do this for a living, I had flashbacks of yesterday though and came back to reality. I have no idea what happened yesterday and that's probably the most maddening of it all. Wasn't just me though, so that helps a bit. Just hard to deal with when you have good anglers, no the bugs, and where the fish are. Ahhhh...move on I say!

In the shop tomorrow and then going to get after it through the weekend and then just a few more days on the books.

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