Friday, November 04, 2011


The weekend is just around the I need a weekend to take a break from work right now! We're supposed to get some weather tomorrow so probably best that I'm not fishing anyway.
If I were to fish this weekend...I'd probably brave the cold and deal with some ice on the guides and hit the Madison in the park (along with a lot of other folks). Always one of my favorite things to do and I never did get the chance to make it this year. Some good fish to be had if you can make it one last time.
Nothing beats swinging a big soft hackle through those runs when the weather is right for it. If egg will do the trick just fine. Enjoy if you can.

Also, check out the latest issue of Catch when you get a chance. It's an online fishing photo mag. I coerced them into using one of my images which is the lead in the colors of fly fishing photo essay" section.

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