Monday, November 07, 2011


The Monday grind is here. Slowly working my way through orders for next year, scouring through the fly catalogs with hopes of finding something truly new while making sure I don't forget the essentials. Never ceases t amaze me at how many patterns are out there and that we carry. Yet, someone is always looking for that one we don't carry or they've been carrying around in their box for 8 years and suddenly lost the last one this morning on the Gallatin.

Seems trivial until you're that guy. Like this summer when we were railing fish on the Zics up on the MO and we were all down to the last 2 or 3 on day 2 of a 5 day trip. Times like that will test a friendship amongst guides. There's that unwritten code that we all understand that it's nothing personal, but no I'm not going to give you anymore of these. At the same time, if you're motivated enough to sneak into my truck at night or do a swithceroo on my foam patch when I'm not looking....well then you've earned that fly and I won't take it personal either.

So, even though we all know that there's not much difference between a copper bead and a brass bead when ti comes to adorning a Prince nymph...the reality can be all the difference. As a flyshop owner, I'm always picking flies for the 99%, but really try hard to not make that 1% feel so overlooked too. The line is not quite as distinct as those folks in NYC claim when it comes to flies that work and don't work.

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