Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Back in the real world once again following a great family holiday spent down south with my family. Highlights of the trip included taking in the Cowboys game at the new stadium with my two boys and dad. Spending time with everyone, including my 85 year old grandma. Deciding whether or not to slaughter 4 little pigs my dad trapped  we opted to let them live to destroy more shit as neither of us could bring ourselves to whacking them!), Quail shooting over dogs, and watching my older son take a break from gaming on the Ipad to get jacked up by catching some bass on spinnerbaits.

Home now for awhile and back to strategizing and attending to all the necessities involved with running a seasonal business. People are fishing quite a lot right now and it sounds like the bite hasn't been too bad on nymphs around here. I'm anxious to get out for a few hours sometime soon. I love winter nymphing and the solitude that usually isn't too hard to find.

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