Wednesday, January 04, 2012

When to Quit

I like guiding fly fishers...which is a good thing as that's pretty much what I do. Winter time is kind of the lull in between the storms for me. On one hand, I'm glad to not be guiding right now, but on the...I miss it and can't wait for spring to get here. I think I actually enjoy guiding more than fishing which is a crazy statement in itself if you know me at all as I really like to fish. Anyway trying to think of something to talk about today and not much comes to mind in terms of motivating me for a big dump of verbiage at this time.

However, as this is a new year, I've spent the last month or so thinking about last year. It was a memorable year for many reasons and maybe I'll rattle all the things off at sometime but I wanted to share the most memorable quote of the year. It's not really pc and might not be funny outside of the conversation but here it is by a guide that used to guide a lot but has moved onto other things in life on why he chose to quit guiding (and he was/is a helluva guide by all accounts). "Toby, I just got tired of watching fat white guys desecrate the sport I love."

I guess I'll quit when that day comes for me too as all I have to do is look in the reflection on the water to see that happen every time I wet a line.


Anonymous said...

Here's to being a fat white guy, cheers!

rimcTX said...

Hey ! I resemble that !

Still, while I don't doubt the sentiment, it seems a bit harsh. If you only get to fly fish a few days per year your ability is not going to be "professional grade". Isn't that in the job description for fly fishing guide ? All jobs have undesirable aspects.