Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Attended another meeting today in Ennis regarding the upcoming Madison River Mgmt Plan. Things are still very early in the process...in fact the process really hasn't started yet. I don't really want to get up on the soapbox tonight, so let's save that discussion for another day.

Starting to wonder about whether or not the snow will ever come this year. Amazing to me how we all know that weatherman aren't too reliable just a few days out, yet we'll put a lot of stock into their hemispheric climactic predictions 6 months out. They're all looney, but at least they give us something to talk about.

The lower looks good to me, going to try to get over there for a few hours one day this week. Flows are higher than normal this time of year...another soapbox topic best saved for another day...but all the ice is gone, clarity is perfect, and it's been windier than crap. Midging should get going good on the first overcast day and is probably alright in the mid-day shadows right now. I've been worked over there enough this time of year on sunny days so I'll hold my breath for some clouds and get over there next chance I get.

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