Friday, February 03, 2012


Good to have the weekend as its getting stressful trying to get everything sorted before I head out of town. We have some very cool things coming down the pipe at the shop over the next few months. Just trying to get it all tied together and everyone on the same page is a pain in the ass.
Always looking to grow the business so that we can be better at taking care of folks, employees, and the water...hopefully while catching fish too. Sometimes hard choices have to be made, thank God it doesn't happen too often and it's only fishing anyway. There is a tendency to sometimes take myself and business too serious sometimes, and it always helps to remember that nobody is going to die on the operating table if I make the wrong choice.

This business can be very odd with gay little "politics." I just try to keep it in perspective and steer the global empire in the direction of the sun to keep the soul filled. Anyway, this is all vague as hell, but then that's just how things are sometimes.

Lots to do in the coming week and then it's off NZ.

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