Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Flakes, Fish, and Circles

Why am I awake at 5:30? I guess I've been awake since 4:30, just finally got out of bed to start the day. Beautiful thing about Montana this time of year is that it is dark until 7:30-8:00 in the morning. That makes moments like these seem much more productive.

The last few months have been productive from the back end of the business perspective. Now, I'm trying to get things wrapped up before making my way out of here next week. Without naming names, the degree of flakiness in the world today - when it comes to doing business stuff - is just amazing to me. From contractors to professionals to tech companies...flakes flakes flakes! If I could speak whatever it is they speak in India and workable spanish....I think I could get everything I need to get done in a week instead of having to turn these projects into "winter projects" every year.

Oh well, I wish I was going fishing today, the lower was good enough last weekend to make me wish it hadn't been nukin' the one day I had to get out. I used to hate the lower as recently as 10 years ago...considered it a necessary evil in terms of someplace I had to fish because I live and work here. It's wide, shallow, windy, weedy, and the hatches generally suck or the fish's response to the hatches generally suck is probably more accurate. Ever since the g-man turned me onto the Clouser Cray over and I realized that trout everywhere prefer lightning on the lower has been pretty good most days.

I always feel like an ass when someone comes in the shop and asks what to fish on the lower and I tell them a Clouser and a little nymph...maybe mix it up and simplify things by fishing a wire worm. I know everyone is looking for "The Fly" and there are times when a certain little bug or specific color hopper works better than other, but chances are if the fish are eating, they'll eat a crayfish or a worm too.

But then I begin the meandering trek down the road made up of the mental masturbation of the ways of fish and fisherman. It starts like a wire worm is all you need to catch fish on the lower. Sure a crayfish works well, but they'll usually eat a worm too. Then esoteric concerns come to mind and I wonder if this person is looking for a soulful enriching experience on the river or just wants to catch fish. There's always something to be said for doing it right by reading the water, paying attention to flows and temperatures, matching the hatch, and connecting with a hard earned trout. So, the answer to the question of what are they eating on the lower is usually more dependent on the path we've chosen for the day.

If the tug is indeed the drug, a worm or crawdad...on a fly probably always a good way to go. If meat in the freezer is the goal...a worm or crawdad on a spinning rod (sculpins too) work well. If, on the other hand, one is in search of something more on the river...then a crawdad or a worm on a fly rod might be the way to go. In the words of the late and great Harry Chapin..."all my life's a circle..."

Now I'm back to wanting to chop the heads off all these flaky pukes that somehow manage to stay in business by not returning phone calls and meeting deadlines. Circles I tell ya. It's all a big circle.

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