Tuesday, February 07, 2012


My blogging interest and skill set has diminished over the last week, so sorry to disappoint. I'll be better. But, there hasn't been much of a fishy nature to talk about as business has been business and I've been scrambling to get the ducks in a row, spend some time with the family, and get ready for the great adventure.

Here's a couple totally non-fishy things that are of note in my world the last week. I bought an IPAD a couple of weeks ago and proceeded to drop it on it;s face and shatter the screen after 3-4 days. Sent it back and Apple gave me a deal on buying another one. Crazy thing was it was a total of 3 days from when I called until I had a new IPAD. A day or so prior to this, I stepped on my Kindle and destroyed the screen. Amazon had a new one at no cost in my hand within 48 hours of the call. I need to be more careful with my electronics but damn those companies are good.

We are doing some serious remodeling in the shop this winter. Took the ginormous rod rack down today and moved some slat wall around. The boys are going to paint while I'm in NZ, then we'll replace the flooring, get some new fixture and the end should result in a much improved look and feel to the shop. Plus we've got a bunch of new crap on it's way for the season.

I would prefer to just fish or take some pics, but even I have to work sometimes!

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