Thursday, February 09, 2012


Things are on the fast track now as I scramble to tie up loose ends and scramble all my crap together for the big trip. The nights have been cold here which has made for slushy waters in the am but mild afternoons has resulted in some "gentleman hours" for the locals on the river. I'm looking forward to getting sunburned and hay fever in a couple of days though!

Looks like we are spending a couple days in Twizel, doing some backcountry stuff out of Wanaka, heading up the West Coast to Reefton where we'll do some more backcountry stuff, make our way to Hamner Springs and do some more backcountry stuff...all provided the weather cooperates. Going to be a trip to remember!

I'll be around Dunedin for a few days doing some fishing and photography while hanging out with my good friend Selwyn. Hopefully get over to Gore for a couple of days with Lance and then nack to Christchurch for the start of the great race.

I'm in Bozeman today, leave tomorrow and get back Mar 6.

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