Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Notes from the road

What do I like best about New Zealand? It does not suck! Been having a great time chilling, exploring, and spending time with friends the last couple of days around Dunedin. I did fish a little yesterday on the Taieri near Ruanfurly. Typical Toby NZ day where I end up driving 120 km in the wrong direction before I realize it so I ended up fishing for just a couple of hours. The river is known for being tea colored so spotting is tough, but there was a hatch and fish coming up so it ended up being pretty good. Got some little guys and one that went just a twitch over 5lbs. Considering I\\\'ll only see a few of those in a year in MT...not bad. I even had some fish try to eat a sinker on my way back to the car.

I don\\\'t usually fish streamers here, but get me ozone dirty water and it\\\'s hard to resist, but when I have the choice of a 5 plus fish on a little dry or junk...the choice is ex in my book.

I\\\'ve enjoyed doing some photography at some unique places the last couple of days and and messing around with some funky filters. I\\\'m on my way to Riversdal to see a friend and fish for a day or two right now. Had to. Make a stop at a headship in Dunedin to buy some PTF for him which is Some kind of legal pot in which they have some synthetic type of cannabis that is legal and gets you high...that trip was one one of the more entertaining store purchases I\\\'ve made in awhile.

Miss the family, but having a great time seeing some cool sights and getting some fish.

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