Thursday, February 16, 2012

on the road down south

I made it down south last night and not without incidence...which is a typical statements regarding my NZ exploratory trips! After leaving the coast I headed inland to a small town near Gore. The drive over was nice but a good stretch of gravel road was windy as hell and ginormous cattle trucks were hauling ass and nearly ran me off the road a few times. Then I got to the Matuara River and decided to check things out but ended up at a dead end, smacked a small barrier fence on my way out and put a football sized dent in my buddies car! Driving here kind of sucks.

Anyway, got out on the Waikia today and found some good water with plenty of active fish for about half the day. Lance banged a few nice fish, I blew my chances but got some nice pics and spotted several fish that lance tagged so I was feeling good about the day.

Today was much more kiwiesque than a couple days ago in that we were on clear water and spotting fish. It\\\\\\\'s hard to really describe why it is that makes it so fun, but there is nothing like fishing here in NZ. South America, Alaska, saltwater, steelhead...all take a backseat this place and these fish in my book. Nothing better for my soul than walking along these cold streams looking for swingers.
I can\\\'t figure out how to get photos loaded properly from my iPad, think it has something to do with shitty Internet connections.

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Copper Tom said...

the dream team arrives in 3 days...