Thursday, February 23, 2012

rain rain go away

The crew is down, the weather has been winning the last 2 days. Spent a long day looking for fish in some high and dirty water. Saw few, landed two between the 6 of us and took a beating by the water both from the ground and the sky. Looks like the worst is over though and the rivers are already on their way hopefully all is soon to be well. Everyone could use a grab or two and then things will be back on track.

I don\'t know how many times I said fuck today. I saw a guy on walk with his wife and dog carrying two dead posits. I saw a tow truck with a crane. It cherry pick a truck from a ditch. I saw water that was so dirty it made dirty water back home look clean....we\'re talking so dirty that it was grey instead of dirty for even catfish.

Been a long couple of days, but hopefully we\'ve turned the corner and are on our way to bigger and better for the rest of the trip.

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