Tuesday, March 06, 2012

and then there is today

Another long day in the adventure that just won\'t end! Had a great flight from Auckland to Lax with almost 8 hours of solid sleep in an aisle bulkhead seat near the back of the bus. Anxiously awaiting getting home to family. Being away so long really puts some of this life thing into perspective.
Got to La, go try bags and made my way to United for a 445 departure to Denver and into Bozeman around 1100 tonight....oh wait....United dropped that flight from Denver to Bozeman and forgot to tell me...stood in line for an hour, talked to some f*%£knuckle on the phone and generally had a wonderful arrive back to the states. So, I have a lovely hotel stay ahead tonight and get back to Bozeman tomorerow instead of today which is yesterday where I come from and tomorrow is today so I guess I still get home today if yesterday was today and I was still in NZ! No fish today, but I will be staying at a Hilton garden inn dining at teds Montana grill.

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