Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Spent the day tidying up and getting ready for the long trip home. This morning was the first one for the trip that was warm enough to not wear and fleece or jacket. Walked around Christchurch, had lunch with a friend, and am now settling in for the unwind.
I had some serious laughs and found that the statement "I don\'t know" is a great way to end all discussion about grey areas! I learned that Jessica Alba must be really hot. I learned to not expect privacy when you have to crap near the woods. I learned that hemostats aren\'t the best choice when it comes to surgical pin removal.
Besides that, I learned that there is a lot more to a fishing adventure than just catching fish, but a few fish here and there sure does help at times. I saw some spark in Sparky, enjoyed the dark side of a slightly more balanced version of Rainman, was reminded of how solid the MOB really is, heard some terrible bedtime stories from a silly bone doctor celebrating the joys of being newly single, and watched the skipper puke in high seas but pull it out in the end. And finally, I got to we what Abbot and Costella would have been like if they were fishing guides
I also was reminded of all the great things about home that I take for granted. Things like scrambled eggs, real coffee, gas prices, free Internet, good water pressure, and last but not least...my family! There\'s no place like home.
A serious fishing trip her will test anyone\'s mental stability at times. The fish are big and hard to catch...most days. No matter good an angler you are, this place will test your skills like no other. There are very few gimmes when it comes down to it, so all you can do is enjoy the ride. I always crack up when spmeone says spmething like "why would I go all the way to nz to catch trout?" that same guy is the same one that is on the verge of goingpstal a week into the trip pnce they realize that if this is trout fishin, then they have no idea how to do it! Being bludgeoned into humility can be a painful process and I have a feeling that there is plenty more whippings coming my way!
The average size of fish on this trip was around 5 pounds but we all suffered through several skunks and days with squandered opportunities. One guy got one a little over pounds and all but one got fish up to 6.5pounds. There should have been more and could have been less but in the end it was what it was and it was enugh to have the wheels spinning about next years trip already. I\'m thinking of doing a combination salt and fesh trip...we\'ll start in Twizel for trout and end in the Cook Islands for GT and Bones. Will book a schooner for the oversea part and will have Steve drive the ship while Ian navigates...I\'ll be responsible for charting the course! Just don\'t fly into Queesntown as I have no idea if I could find Twizel from there.

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