Friday, March 30, 2012

End of Marchish Itch

Finally feel like my head is catching up to me after my travels and I'm starting to get MT fishing on my brain. I love fishing this time of year rather than guiding, even though I could use the dough. The weather is unpredictable and conditions change all the time so unless its a calm day on the spring creeks, there is always a degree of uncertainty. Dirty water on the lower, the Gallatin sounds like its been steady fro talking to everyone at the shop, spawners are stacked up in spots on the MO and the upper Madison, and the EG has been nymphing well. Perfect time of year to go out for a few hours or all day.

I hope to start getting out a couple times a week next week and that should only increase as the days get longer. Got some new gear to play with, got a new boat (the glitterbug) on its way, new flies (and old flies) and the anticipation of what's to come to keep me motivated.

I'm feeling good about the water and snow. My guess is that we'll be on the upper by mid-June, Yellowstone by early July, and the Gallaitn et' al should only be gone for a few weeks in mid-May to mid-June. But who knows for sure? It's all a pipe dream so pass me a 40 and I'm out,

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