Monday, April 02, 2012

My Lotic Bitch

I must be growing up a little as yesterday came and went without any nefarious cyber activities on my part on what is April Fools day. I thought about spreading lies and gossip about FWP and their Madison River Rec. Plan, the IRS, and a few select...ok one specific...competitor of mine. Nope, I was honest Abe and minded my own business.

I was the fool as I went back to the lower yesterday afternoon with hopes of a little "get back" at the river for lats weekends complete and thorough whooping of myself and a couple of friends. Come on, the lower and on one...I kick that mofo's ass when I put my mind and skills to it. I've often thought of the lomo as my lotic bitch over the years. She was celebrating menses yesterday and not in the mood to reciprocate my love!

I didn't head out there until around 4, got to the river and thought it looked cleaner. Parked got everything together and went to put my new, favorite waders (more to come here) on only to realize that my crocs were my wading shoes for the day. Needless to say, the mojo left the room like a pricked balloon (which BTW is one of the funnest expressions I've every heard and said, coincidentally by a kiwi sheep farmer that referred to my generation as a "softer generation" because sheep farmers my age no longer choose to castrate lambs with their mouths...true story) the river looked like 4 month old pea soup that had been sitting on the dashboard of a broke down black 73 impala somewhere near Trona, Ca. since 1986. I made a few casts and realized that today was not the day to test the moody little bitch that we all love and hate known as the Lower Madison.

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