Monday, March 05, 2012

See you next Tuesday kind of trout

Another beautiful day here in Hanmer...ok maybe it\\\'s the first truly nice day in 3 weeks. Day started good as gold with breakfast at new spot, which had free wifi too. I told my tale of yesterday\\\'s adventure to the lady making coffees and she seemed to be embarrassed by the poor behavior of her fellow hammer items and the DOC dude with locking the gate yesterday. kiwis are such good folks in general and she definitely got my head turned on right with how nice these folks can be. She started fidgeting as I went into more and more detail and explained how the doc dude locked me in after assuring me that he\\\'d leave the gate open if my combo didn\\\'t work. Turns out the doc dude is the ladies husband! She called him and then came back over to the table and apologized at lengthe! Small world?

With most of the rivers starting to clear and only having one day to go, I decided to go for broke and continue the month long celebration of my birthday. Took a quick chopper ride up the hope to where the guys went the other day. I got one small one, cast to a dozen or so and saw another dozen fish. A great way to end the trip!

Some of you may find this hard to believe but....the pilot and I had some communication issues regarding the meeting place. I thought I was meeting home where he met the guys the other day and he thought I was meeting him at the airfield in Hanmer. Some more nice kiwis let me use their phone to get that sorted. He was supposed to pick me up at 6 and instructed me to make my way to a hut if the wind picked up and they weren\\\'t able to get me tonight. At 615, I started the trek but they made it in around 630.

I fly home tomorrow night, so doing laundry in the am and making my way back to Chch early afternoon.

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Anonymous said...


I despair of you sometime, but no-one can accuse you of leading a boring life!!

See you in Bozeman in a week or so. I think I'll wait until your brain has rejoined your carcass after your long flight. Have a good one!