Monday, April 30, 2012


 Things around here have been dropping and clearing quickly thanks to some cool nights and mild days. Who knows how long it will hold out, but for the time being...things are good. Caddis are still out on the lower and the Yellowstone. I have no idea if the stone is fishable but I would have to guess it is and am half-tempted to call in sick anyway. But, I have a ton of things to do before I head up to the Mo next week. Looking forward to fishing pink junk and worms sooner rather than later.

Had a good day yesterday with the family as we made a giant loop from Bozeman to Old Faithful and back through Ennis. Saw all kinds of wildlife and just had a good time. We tried to stop and fish Hebgen but it was pretty crowded, enough to where I had visions of getting shot at as my dogs trashed the water.

So, ended up making some casts around Ennis and got into some fish pretty quickly. Took turns with my 5 year old and we alternated between trout and suckers...I did better on suckers. It was really good to find a spot with a bunch of fish that were eating my junk!


Anonymous said...

Nice grip on that that a slider grip or fastball?

Toby Swank said...

That there ain't no whitey! That's a rare and much maligned MT native sportfish known as a sucker. They don't fly well.