Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Primordial Ooze of Maritime Bliss
Life has been crazy around here for awhile now for reasons beyond the world of fish and water. If it weren't for great people around me like my wife, parents, and friends I think I would just be another one of those crazy mofo's out there fishing worms oblivious to the rising water. So, thanks to all for your support and here's to brighter futures.

In addition to a living a little but on the crazy train as of late, I've had some very cool things going on too. We made an offer on a new house tonight! The shop is doing great and we've got some great new guys working with us this year. I'm looking forward to getting on the sticks of my new boat for a good spell starting next week.

Speaking of new boats...the boys at RO started working on it today. It should be complete by late Friday. The first stages weren't too exciting, but here's what it looks like before the start to work on it in the mold. It's going to be very Skeeterish.
Giving it some bling.

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