Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Caddis Signs

Another beauty of a day around here. Most of the rivers are on their way up and getting dirty right now so   some extra work is going to be called for the next few days. IF the lower Madison flows remain stable, it will be a very good choice this week. Caddis are showing up, along with March Browns, BWO's, and Midges but the rise has not been steady on Caddis as of yet. This should change in the next few days as more and more bugs hatch.

Steven and I ran out there this evening to have a look around and it was surprisingly windy, we did see some Caddis and March Brown spinners out, but we only saw a couple of sporadic rises. If they were going to be eating on top very well, we would have seen them. So, I'd make it a point to head out there if we get a warm and cloudy day this week or at least the last few hours a few nights.

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