Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Oh my oh MO today. Good day from the Dam to Craig with nymphs and even a few on dries this afternoon once the rain started and the BWO's popped. I've been fishing more basic flies than usual up here this time of year and that always boggles my brain. Things like a simple pheasant tail with a bead on it with a little nymph dropper instead of the usual pink, orange, and wormy junk. I think that the typical program this time of year involves fish eating the crap out of eggs being washed out in heavy flows. But, this year the flows are light and the fish seem to be eating more bugs than eggy junk, for me anyway.
Spent the last couple of days with some ladies and have had a great time. One of them works for Casting for Recovery which puts on therapeutic weekend events involving fly fishing for ladies with or recovering from cancer. As both of my mother in laws passed away from cancer, it's one of those things I think about  and it was cool to see how truly compassionate the folks that work for this program truly are.
Life is short, you only have one shot at it... so do it right. I think its great that there are so many organizations out there that are trying to spread the love of fly fishing to others that are looking for some freedom from the burdons of all the bs that often comes with being alive.
Ive got a couple more weeks of the MO coming my way and things are settling in nicely so if you are on your way up...bring the A game as it is on.

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