Friday, May 18, 2012


And another day other in the life gone by. Hammered the fish for most of the morning on a little known and obscure scud pattern that few know about...I\'m not going to mention its name anyway. How good did it work? Better than what everyone else was fishing. Spanktastic sums it up.
Things fished well until around lunch and the wind picked up out of the north and pretty much made the rest of the day damn near impossible. The morning, however, was great so everything worked out nicely.
I jumped in a boat this evening with some friends in hope of getting some good photos but I pretty much fell asleep and froze to death. Coolest thing of the day for me was seeing a black bear this evening down by Pelican. My first bear sighting on the Missouri and only the second one I\'ve ever seen on a river while fishing in Montana.

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