Sunday, May 20, 2012

And another day

Had an easy day today with some good folks that needed to get off the river early, so we got some fish, had some laughs, and enjoyed the day. There was a light breeze which kept it interesting, the bite was good but not amazing an we ended up pushing through a lot of water to get to good stuff as we were on a schedule of sorts.
What did I learn today? I could go on and on about the lessons learned but I\'m not quite sure where to start and what\'s make believe and what is real. So, what i definitely learned today is that buff sun gloves smell very bad after a handful of whitefish. I stumbled upon a scud pattern that is working very well for me right now. Kayakers dig the Dearborn. My wife really is a saint. My new boat rocks. I like the Orvis hydros 3d line a helluva lot more than SA Sharkskin.

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