Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another fine day in May on the MO

. Good day today with the wind being largely absent...amazing how much easier things are when there\'s not a gale wind blowing in your face. Today as one of those days that guides talk about when they say you should have been here yesterday. Opening day today and another year has gone by without fishing the pump holes on the Beav at first light...those days might be gone forever now. Good nymphing in the morning, switching to a little ore technical early afternoon, followed by some technical dry fly fishing, wrapped up with dry/dropper rigs. Lots of fish and just some good ol\' fashioned fun with some really great folks.
I have nothing negative to say today as all went well. If I think about it some more, I guess I could say that sharkskin lines are annoyingly noisy now that I think about it. I\'ve been fishing with the Orvis textured line, the hydros 3d, for awhile now and really like it for a lot of the fishing I do. It\'s noisy, but nothing like the sharkskin, and the welded loop hasn\'t broke on my 3d line yet. The textured lines are great for just about everything except trying to put a dry down softly in the 20-30 foot range, but great for general purpose, nymphing, and fishing attractor dries in the wind. Just my opinion based on a whole lot of fishing the last 6 months.

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