Saturday, May 12, 2012

love the mo in may

The Missouri has a lot of fish in it right now, I don\'t how else to say it but it does and it\'s good. Unusually low flows for the season have fish spread out all over the place so they are in just about all types of water just about all day long.
I had some beginners today and am with them again tomorrow too. Great people that were fun to be with on the water today. I used to dread beginners as I was worried about looking bad by not catching a bunch of fish. But, over the years,I\'ve come to really welcome the opportunity to show folks how this whole fly fishing thing goes and to share the "it" about fly fishing for trout with them. Very cool experience for me that I don\'t get to do enough of to be honest. It was great to see them progress today from not being able to cast, manage line, set the hook, mend, etc. to the point where they could do all those things and get some fish to the net too.
I did get whacked in the head twice and hooked in my shirt and hat, so it\'s not all a walk n the park. We had a crazy moment today when the lady hooked a fish in some skinny water and it ran up and out under and across the boat. Fishes screaming up river and that\'s when the husbands line gets all wrapped around her rod tip and jammed into the tip top. So I\'m standing up, in the my sparkling white boat I might add, trying to cut his flies off her rod while the fish is going nuts behind us and nearly into her backing. This is all going on as we are gong under a bridge and slowly working toward one of the pylons. Log story short is that we go through this all, fish turns out to be a whitey in the belly. She tries to lift a little too much with this whitefish broadside going down and away an snap goes the rod. Good thing for warranties . All that happened in about 22 seconds!

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