Tuesday, May 08, 2012

mo day 2

Fished today down lower on the river and it was much like yesterday in that we had some good fishing on dries for a few hours. Nymphing was good enough but not amazing.
I\'m getting settled into some new digs down by the Mo River Inn for the month and liking it a lot. The new boat is supposed to get delivered tomorrow night. My elbow is shot so I\'m looking forward to another cortisone injection when I go home on Monday.
We\'ve been looking at new houses the last few months, made an offer, played the back and forth game, and ended up working a deal on the one we really wanted yesterday. We\'re pretty jacked up about that, now I\'ve got to find either a cheap lawn mower person or a cheap riding lawn mower. Mowing big yards brings such good memories back! Im going to dig out. Def Lepoard wife beater shirt and rock out on my iPod while I cruise the yard at .3 mph all summer long.

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