Wednesday, May 09, 2012

mo fishing

. Headed up to the dam today in search of some fish to put the wood to. With dropping flows...yes dropping...I didn\'t quite know what to expect. Turns out, they were where they should be, eating what they should be eating. It got windy on us so that made for some tough drift fishing, but we did well in the buckets and ledges. Fish are stacked in the runs and the low water made for some pretty cool spotting conditions.
There were some challenges today in terms of the weather which was good for me as I tried to sort out some things so that we could get into position to get some fish later in the day. Played with mental musing on the hydraulics of water pushing around eddies as well as worked on some different casting methodology. It was just good to break some things down and bring it together in pieces. The riddles of the water keep me sane at times.
Also, got the new boat tonight. The guys from RO drove it all the way up here and swapped my loaner boat out. Very cool of them to do to help a bRO out! Weather is on the way in tonight and things should be about 30 degrees cooler and wet in the morning.

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