Monday, June 11, 2012


. Day two here in Belize and I\'m settling into the groove if ever there is a groove to settle into. Got a shot a a permit this morning out in front of the lodge but it was only a shot. Dubs and I headed south to find some respite from the wind and look for some permit up on the flats. Found one on the first flat, got 3 good shots at it , but no eat. Ended up back on a flat later on in the afternoon and got some bones.
Overall, a very nice day out, saw some other cool stuff including a Tarpon that we never got a cast to, along with a school of some bigass parrot fish, some sharks, rays, and dolphins. My arm feels like its going to fall off after casting all this junk in the wind the last 2 days. Good news is that it is starting to settle and looks good the rest of the week. Either way, it\'s a pretty good way to spend a week!
It\'s amazing what a day of looking into water can do for my mind, I thin I\'d be suicidal if I didn\'t have water to look at and fish to chase. Definitely found my path to a blissful existence.

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