Wednesday, June 13, 2012


. The wind settled yesterday but the light for permit hunting on the flats has been ok sporadically at best. Saw none yesterday, got some bones, saw some Tarpon but came in early t take a nap and chill. Up early this morning looking for Tarpon with no love, looked hard today for fish life, got one shot a tailing permit this afternoon, but it was just a shot.

Interesting thing today happened near the end of the day as we headed into the lodge. We saw some other guys hooked up on a Tarpon so we made some casts, with no grab. As we were getting ready to head in, Tarpon started to go nuts made a cast had a grab, it ran like hell and took my fly line, I had some guys in Dallas tie a Bimini for the backing to fly line didn\'t work! First item I\'ve ever lost a fly line and the knot held for quite awhile. Up early in the morning and hitting it had two more days.

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