Thursday, June 28, 2012


A South African with a German in New Zealand
In the shop today, on the sticks the next couple of days and looking forward to chasing Salmoflies around somewhere that's not in the shop! 
Had some South Africans in this afternoon and that got me thinking about the several SA folks I've fished with over the years. They're always a blast to fish with, are usually pretty good anglers, and have just a twisted enough view of the world to make them much more interesting than one would expect from people that live that far away from the Rockies. They're into fishing for little trout in remote streams, some fish called a Yellowfish that looks like a cross between a carp and a whitey, and they like fishing the salt too. For all the good things that are South African, they are responsible for the propagation of what is perhaps the most irritating noise on earth which comes from the Vuvuzela. So that kinds of bring them back to just being some good dudes that like to fish.

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