Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Nothing like enjoying lunch after a good morning's fishing while wondering what the hell the shuttle driver is doing standing on the other side of the river. I though he was scoping the bikinis out at Blacks Ford, but no...he was waiting for me. I yelled across the river and he said my back window blew up and wanted to know if I wanted him to do anything...I said fix it. So, I got to do the mad dash around town to try to find a replacement for it  and someone to put it in, hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime I've got an awesome piece of plastic over my rear hatch and a truckload of dust on my dashboard. Awesomesauce. And my wife thinks I just get up every morning and go fishing and take pictures!

Other than that, day was alright on the lower thanks to the cool of last night. Very little love on the hopper, but bcuket fishing with crawdads and tailwater tinies was good in the top stretches. The water is warm, there is a lot of floating grass, and the tubers are out in force by late morning. So, fish early, play the fish quick, take a quick pic, make sure the fish is good to go and do it again.

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