Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh to be a Butt Monkey...

Yellowstone today, didn't fish a Butt Monkey although I think it would have worked. The bite was a little on and off...maybe sporadic would be more appropo...the term "streaky" was mumbled with sporadic frequency. Got some on stonefly nymphs, lightning bugs, buggers, Canadian buggers, and a few on hoppers too. Nothing monumental unless you consider the odd bite something worth building a monument for. Should have thrown a Butt Monkey.

Very good day overall with just enough fish to make it better than average and the weather was d-y-n-o-m-i-t-e! Maybe a little warm, but not too bad. Just a few boats on the water, wind-free, lots of laughs with some cool guys...pretty dam good when you actually stop to think about it. I could be selling carpet and wearing a cheezy tie and leather -soled shoes cold-calling at new construction sites but instead I'm rowing a sparkly-ass boat down a majestic river helping folks hook into some fish and not think about their cheezy ties, leather soled shoes, and cold calling.

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