Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wadup Boi?

Headed out early this morning for a little down river adventure on the Yellowstone. Beautiful day on the water, free of those crowds of half-ass tweedle-dees polluting all those irrigation ditches of the west right now! Just a few honkies swimming back and forth across the river and some dirty hippies mooning us.
Fish? Enough. Would have thought we'd find more but would have been dissappointed if we found half as many as we did. Still lots of Caddis around, some PMD's, and saw a midnight stone, nocturnal stone, golden stone thing too. Water is clear and still moving enough to haold fish in the skinny buckets and mini-creases and pushes...we just didn't catch as many as I would have thought.
Regarding water temp concerns on the lower stone...I haven't thought about it yet. It always gets over 70 down there every year for awhile. Fishing will be better in the mornings and early afternoons when it's at its warmest. It could suck or it could be epic...probably will be somewhere in the middle.
The bigger question is whether or not FWP starts imposing thier gloriously well thought out "Hoot Owl" plan on some rivers later in the year. They have metrics that were developed with the intent of keeping everyone happy except the anglers, non-anglers, recreationists, guides, outfitters, motel owners, bar girls, deer, skunks, and the fish. My blood pressure rises just thinking of how laughable so much of what they really is. Who decided that its cool to fish until 2, but fish die after 2 when they're caught and the water is hot. If it's really that big a deal, make it mandatory to kill all fish after 2...afterall there is a limit on most rivers 'round here. I'm on my way to a dark place now and everything started of so bubbly. I guess I'm drawing the line in the sand early this year with FWP...I feel some not so nice rants going to those damn fish police and "biologists" sooner rather than later this year.
Oh, did I say we got fish to eat hoppers today? That's probably more exciting than all the rest of this crap I've been going on about!

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