Wednesday, August 08, 2012


The brutality of a long day on the river absent of fish eats is simply painful, especially when I'm working! Honestly, I don't really care if I get fish or not when I'm just out there on my own, but its a whole 'nother story when there's money and someone's vacation centered around them catching some fish. The last couple of weeks has been uncertain at best when it comes to getting fish and having what I consider a good day in terms of numbers and size, especially on the Yellowstone and Upper Madison.
Yesterday may have been the pinnacle of badness so it should only get better from here! Best characterized by the intermittent and random tug of a whitefish and some trout that were too lazy to eat a dry.
One of the guys had never done the river thing before and he had a great time despite the lack of a bite, just enjoying the scenery and sounds of the water. So, when I'd get all stressed out in my head, he'd always manage to say something out of wonderment at the whole experience which reminded me that even when fishing's still better than selling carpet!

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