Wednesday, August 08, 2012

That time of year

Its' that time of year when getting up at 5 just isnt's as cool as it was a few weeks ago! Everyday starts off with grand hopes of finding lots of fish, some big ones too, eating hoppers with reckless abandon throughout the river...any river. Some days are good, some days suck, and it's hard to know for sure which one is coming my way right now. I mean...they're all good in one way or another, but it's the bite I'm talking about right now. Sure, things have been hot but there's still fish eating just fine. The hopper fishing has been best described as not good overall with intermittent to sporadic love here and there.
I think it probably has to do with my expectations more than anything as we all know there are going to be some tough days to go along with the good ones...but I really like good days better and would prefer to not be that guy on the tough days! Ahh but it is what it is and the fish are just fish....sometimes they just don't know that a hopper is better than no hopper, a rubberleg is yummy, and a PMD tastes like a lemon drop. I'll try to get them back on that program today! I think I'm aiming for a whitiey whackin' festival today and hopefully the trout will see their peers having a great time and join in the fun!

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