Monday, August 20, 2012


Been awhile since I used the old iPad for blogging on the road, but here we are. Sitting in my bunk in the old bunkhouse (remodeled since my last stay and not too shabby now) at Cottonwood Camp on the Bighorn. A few skeeters but nothin I can\'t handle at this stage in the game.
Whitey fest on the Yellowstone yesterday in the valley and some fish on hoppers down near Columbus today. The river has been odd this year, weedy from top to bottom, warm, and just not real good most days on standard rigs, which had led many of us to broaden the horizons and fish some other stuff that we might usually avoid this time of year. Today was more like it should be down low on the river this time of year, single hopper and fish here and there.
Haze from fires elsewhere has been very nasty around the Bozone the last couple of days and it seemed to be clearing the further east I headed this morning. However, there was a big ass smoke plume just south of Billings today and it looked nasty! We\'ve been lucky save the early summer fires in Pony and the Beartrap, but things are as dry as I can remember them being in awhile right now. Need some rain and another cools own.

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