Friday, August 24, 2012


Another happy day here on the bighorn today with the fish being honest like they should. When you see Tricos, they eat Tricos, PMDs and they eat PMDs, see them boiling, they eat caddis pupa. No need to use some crazy magenta thing, you throw what they are eating and they eat it...refreshing. We started off nymphing, fished Trcios, did some sight nymphing after that, and then fished caddis dries after that. Once the fish started popping mid river, we went to swigging the caddis dry with a pupa behind it and got them to eat the crap out of that. Then the wind picked up and I questioned the wisdom of choosing a 19 mile float about 11 miles into it. It blew like hell and I back rowed from 3-6:30 to get out of it. Aske me about it in a couple of weeks and I won't even remember that part, but I'll tell you all about the insanity of stripping caddis dries, it was crazy man....crazy. Head home tomorrow after rowing.

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