Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dog Days

Day off today during which I went for a little walk up a spring creek in the morning and came home to take a nap and recover from whatever the hell it is that has me so worn out the last few days. The crazy train is about to visit me again with my next day off looking like Aug 26 which should see me driving back from the bighorn.
Feels like I've been fishing everyday for awhile now and I guess I have other than last weekend when I was in SLC. Been a strange year, but I have a feeling that the bite is going to start getting real good around here now with the days getting shorter. Things make more sense in August to me when you get up early and get off the water early as the bite is always better early than late. Up to this point, it's just been weird with a good bite one day followed by crap the next 3 and that feeling that the fish have just been thumped on too much. So, what's the plan then? Get off the beaten path a bit, fish early and use stupid flies that look like fish pellets!

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