Friday, August 10, 2012


 Spent the last two days before today doing some running around, maybe playing hookie with a couple of friends. Fished over that way for a couple of days, one of which the fishing was best described as "haywire" and the other could be summed up as adventurously different. Caught some fish, looked at some cool water, destroyed a Tenkara, laughed a lot, found the mosquitos, and my boat...the largest whitefish I've ever seen. Wasn't the longest but around 20" and a girth that should not be possible.Overall, it was exactly what the Dr. ordered for my brain and body as I woke up bright eyed and wiggly this morning.

Fished someplace different today and found happy fish eating well most of the day. Fishing is always great, but it sure as hell is a lot nicer when there's a bunch of catching going on too, but we already knew that.

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