Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new drake mag cover

Every picture tells a story...this was the advice given to me as I embarked my new found passion of shooting a camers a few years back. My goal has been to take photos that tell the story of a moment. I\'m not so good ad getting the giggly grins of happy dudes and dudettes, but the deeper moments are where I look for a story, most of the time...they are shit..but ecery once in awhile I get one right. I\'ve been getting more and more interest, slowly, in some of my photos and even been in a few publications. The newest one and the ne that I would never had guessed would go my way is the cover of the new Drake! In fact, my email to the editor went something like "I\'ve got few good shots that you might be interested in as filler for all the great articles and photos in your magazine. I mentioned that I opted to invest heavily in photographic equipment as I don\'t my kid is ever going to actually use his college savings " but wow, here we are and on of my pics was chosenw and it\'s on the shelves now!
The story of the pic is that I was too cheap to buy a license For the Bulkley that day so I toted camera and bags in place rods and flies. One of the dudes, Kurt Reynolds knows how to work a two hander so I stayed back with my 200 and tc2.0 most of the day trying to get some frame filling images with a compressed telephoto lens look. Was easy to do as Kurt can cast and swing a fly with the best of them. Set it to ch and bump up the iso click away. I wanted to get the cast at the top with the water spray as it just throws,a little bit of chaos into what else would have been a nice shot of the line laying out.
Super jacked by this new development. If not for the atkinsons, Anderson\'s, and Gman of the photo world, I would still be focusing on creating the next best salmon fly dry! I like making pics better than tying flies at this stage !

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Joshua Bergan said...

Congrats! That's a big deal!