Friday, September 07, 2012


The insanity of living the dream has been the them of this week. Migraine on Monday, great day guiding Tuesday...worms. A couple days bird hunting with PRO Outfitters near Great Falls courtesy of a special invite...awesome-sauce. Good day on the river today...not worms. Terrific weather, cooler water and good things to come over the next few weeks.
Was on the lower today and it was ok, lots of dinks on tiny bugs and we lost a few decent fish but not many. We kept plugging away at it though and were finally rewarded with this great fish near the end of the day. The lower is a strange river, just when you think you get it dialed in...things change but the fish are still there and eating, just different stuff today. Ended up doing well with a little green machine behind a crayfish and mixed up the weight a bunch depending on the water.

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