Sunday, September 09, 2012


Great day yesterday as we braved the early post sunrise freezing ass cold temps. I bundled up like a garden gnome in Norway the first hour or two. Fish were eating well all day on rubberlegs and worms, even got some good ones too. It was the one day I forgot my camera altogether. Broke out the Tenkara rod for the post lunch rally and my client had a great time trying to sort out the lack of a need to mend and what the hell do you do with a decent sized trout once you get it on! It was a very fun day and the weather turned out to be fantastic by early morning.
After such a tough couple weeks in late July and early August, fishing has improved nicely and I think we are sleeping better at night knowing that the water temps are good, bugs are hatching, and fish are eating. Won't be long know until the Browns start getting on streamers more and more. Might even do that a bunch today. Tricos in the morning, streamers the rest of the day? Sounds ridiculously fun.

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